The HMR Diet Review

The HMR diet program is unique because of the meal replacement products that are utilized in the program; they are healthy and low in calories. The diet is comprised of different phases. The different phases make it easy for dieters to lose weight and keep it off for a long time. This system provides wholesome nutrition to promote weight loss.  Another great feature about this diet program is the weekly checks from the HMR professionals to help dieters stay motivated and lose weight faster.


The HMR diet program is a registered trademark under Merck. & Co. Incorporated, in Boston. It is under Merck’s Healthcare Services and Solutions, which is an entity separate from the pharmaceutical company. This diet program focuses on improving healthcare for patients and stakeholders. It was founded in 1983, by Dr. Lawrence Stifler.


  • It was ranked as the No. 1 Best Weight-Loss Diet in 2016, by several diet plan review groups in the United States.
  • It includes healthy and tasty meal replacements.
  • It was created to help dieters over the long term.
  • The ingredients in the pre-packaged meals are also marketed as healthy and wholesome so it is a relatively good diet program for obese people.


The crux of the HMR diet is a plan that ensures weight loss and provides phone support services, group mentoring and long term weight loss strategies.

The meal plan is broken down into phases:

The Phase One is basically a meal-replacement diet plan that burns fat and promotes rapid weight loss. It involves a set of foods such as:

  • Pre-packaged meals which replace the dieter’s regular meals. Dieters are expected to consume 2 or more daily as part of the diet plan.
  • Meal shakes in which the dieter consumes 3 or more shakes as a meal replacement
  • The dieter is allowed to consume an average of 5 or more servings of fruits and vegetables along with the shakes and the pre-packaged meals daily to rapidly burn fat.
  • Eating in restaurants, alcohol and sodas are banned during this program.
  • Exercise is strongly encouraged during this diet duration as dieters are encouraged to burn an average of 2000 calories per week.
  • The Phase One diet plan provides weekly check-ins by HMR professionals to ensure that users are on track.

The Phase Two is designed to help dieters slowly add foods to their eating plan and keep the weight off throughout their lifetime. It is done as follows:

  • The dieter gradually eases out of the pre-packaged meals and shakes by consuming just 14 products weekly
  • Users are still required to eat five fruit servings and vegetables on a daily basis
  • Dieters are taught how to use lean proteins such as fish and whole grains such as brown rice or whole-wheat pasta in their meals. They are also taught how to cook foods that have less calories and are healthier for the body
  • Weekly check-ins with HMR professionals through phone sessions is still required
  • This Phase Two program lasts for an average of four to eight weeks.


This diet program is owned by Merck. & Co. Incorporated, a big name in the pharmaceutical industry; and this raises cause for concern. The diet program has existed for over 30 years with sustainable results. Some people are concerned about the safety of some of the chemicals in the shakes. They contain aspartame, which many people are allergic to.


  • It focuses on sustainable, long term weight loss and advises dieters to form healthy eating and exercise habits
  • The weekly check-in phone calls by HMR professionals is a great supportive way to motivate dieters to reach their weight loss goals
  • This diet plan is simple to follow.
  • A lot of reviews from dieters claim that the results are worth the money they paid.


  • The cost of this diet program is extremely high, ranging from $1,200 to $2,500per month and it may be out of reach for a lot of dieters.
  • Some products on the HMR diet such as the shakes contain aspartame which may have side- effects on some dieters.
  • Weight loss is too quick, it may not be safe.


  1. “This is the best diet I have ever tried. They have the very best protein shakes I have ever tried. I drink one every morning. I have lost 24 pounds in just two weeks!”
  2. “The shakes on this program are really delicious, but 30 minutes after I drank one it gave me a splitting headache. The program is really great for weight loss and I lost a lot while I was on it. My only complaint is the aspartame in the shake mix.”
  3. “I have been on the diet for about 5 months and I have lost 70lbs. The shakes are nutritious and well balanced when you compare them to other protein shakes on the market. My digestive system is working better than ever. My blood sugar has dropped and I am no longer pre-diabetic.”
  4. “The shakes are very good. I like to combine mine with fresh and frozen fruit. I have already lost 20 pounds and I have only been on the diet for about 8 weeks. Working out three times a week at my local gym has helped me see more results. The diet is easy. I just read all the material, followed the directions and BAM, off came the weight. The program is very expensive, but it was definitely worth it. I now understand my caloric intake. The diet really works if you stick to it.”
  5. “The diet will work, but it is expensive and the shakes contain chemicals that some people may be sensitive to.”


This diet is expensive, but it is effective. It is designed to help people start eating healthier and getting more exercise. We approve this as a healthy weight loss alternative for most people. It uses behavior modification to get you to start making healthier food selections. The pre-packaged meals make this plan very easy to follow. The taste of the food is good and many customers wrote that they liked it very much, especially the shakes. Weight loss can be rapid on this plan. If you stick with it you will definitely lose weight.