When to Eat Your Biggest Meal? – Researchers Weigh In!

There’s a bit of conflicting information out there about when to eat, how often to eat and how much for the best weight loss results. Some diets have a restrictive calorie count, others measure content and portion size. Some diets have three regular meals and to small snacks a day while others recommend eating 6 smaller equally sized meals every 2 ½ to3 hours. It’s hard to know what works the best and some decisions may be based on individual time constraints and schedules. Still, one thing seems clear. If you want the best weight loss results, don’t save it all for the end of the day!

The results are hard to argue with! The women who hate their big meal at lunch lost almost double what the dinner group achieved. Researchers think that may have something to do with how full you feel and when you feel it.

Reasons: One of the main reasons researchers give for such remarkable results is better insulin level regulation. It seems it’s easier to regulate blood sugar levels when you’re up and moving after a meal because when the metabolism is activated, as it is after eating and the body can break down foods and sugars quicker to convert into insulin. The faster this process, the less glucose build up in blood cells and vessels, which lowers blood sugar levels. It also keeps the digestive process unobstructed, which means the metabolism stays triggered and burning calories. This doesn’t happen as well at night when we’re sleeping.

Also, it doesn’t do much good to feel full longer if we’re asleep, and a less hearty meal at lunch can cause that afternoon dip in energy that has us reaching for the wrong snacks. A big meal at lunchtime keeps our tummies satisfied longer to sustain us through the afternoon till dinner. There’s also less chance of the body reverting into starvation-mode, slowing the metabolism to store up fat cells for energy later. We want to activate, not slow our metabolism! So take your big meal during the days and lose more weight!